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In 2021, two building supply leaders, Building Materials Holding Company (BMC) and Builders FirstSource (BFS), merged operations. The new company would take the BFS name, but it needed a new brand identify, one that reflected the boldness, innovation, and vision of a new market leader to watch. Drawing on deep industry research and analysis, CMD revitalized everything from BFS’s platform messaging to its logo to its vibrant new photography, taking the brand to a whole new level.

Style Guide

Nailing down the basics of brand expression

Brands thrive on consistency. To ensure the new look and feel, messaging, photography, and logo treatments are handled the same way from creator to creator, CMD developed an exhaustive style guide for the new BFS. The helpful resource methodically walks users through an established set of usage standards and best practices to safeguard the brand’s integrity and maximize its impact.

Brand Execution

An old message platform gets a new treatment

After consistency, it’s all about repetition. Leveraging new platform messaging and photography, we created a tight design system that helps BFS deliver on both goals. The system enables the creation of a rich family of print and digital assets spanning a brochure, posters, and ads, each piece echoing, complementing, and supporting the other in driving home one BFS story.

Retail Brand Wall

We raised a wall to bring people together

As a building supplies partner, BFS does much of its work in person. So CMD helped develop and create a physical brand wall experience that showcases what sets BFS apart. The 12-foot physical installation pairs high-level messaging with new custom photography in a striking three-dimensional structure that grabs the attention of passersby.


Bringing cameras, lights, and action to the BFS story

Nothing tells a story quite like video does. So CMD dispatched its seasoned video team to capture shots from select BFS locations around the country. Using GoPros, drones, and cutting-edge 8K cameras, we collected hours of raw footage. From that material we created a stirring anthem video that celebrates BFS and can be used across the company. With that much good content, the possibilities are endless.


It’s all about bringing the new BFS into focus

Early discovery efforts revealed that BFS’s competitors relied on very similar image strategies. Missing from the sea of stock and product photos was high-quality custom photography. So CMD conducted shoots at key BFS locations, amassing a rich archive of imagery that delivers a people-first brand impression and underscores the company’s competitive advantage, scale, and inventory.

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