How to decode B2B buyer behavior better and faster

You’re a B2B marketer, so you know better than anybody that understanding buyer behavior isn’t just helpful—it’s essential for your success. Fortunately, thanks to modern data analytics and AI-enabled tools, there’s a whole new playbook for getting into the minds of business customers.

Get marketing and sales aligned for more visibility (and profits!)

Marketing and sales teams cannot operate in isolation. Learn what you need to know to create alignment and get more from your efforts.

5 Key Strategies to Making Good Content Great

Standing out in a sea of content is the charge—and challenge—for B2B writers in today’s digital business environment. Writing well isn’t enough, nor is an outcome of purchase transactions. Instead, measuring great writing means delivering value to readers who, ultimately, act to extend their relationship with your brand.

The Big Brother Bias: Balancing Consequences and Benefits in AI

Data access and privacy issues are throwing a shadow over the technology sector, as the data explosion threatens to become an ethics implosion.

Improving User Experience with UX Audit

Most companies know there are tasks they could do to improve their site’s user experience, but it is easy to get stuck on how to best prioritize updates. A handy tool that we often use with clients is a “usability audit” — a formal evaluation to examine your site for user friendliness, content efficacy and ability to drive traffic to conversion goals.

New Research: What Clients Expect from Agencies

At CMD, we learn a lot when we listen to the various target audiences of our clients, so we decided to use that philosophy to better understand our clients’ mindsets. We partnered with Riley Research to hear from Portland-area marketers about their challenges, and how they are utilizing agencies, to ensure we can be the best agency partner — one that can help marketers rest a bit easier.

The Action Cam View of Your User Experince

I was recently called upon to attend a client’s executive meeting. Since I spend most of my time deep in project work, the rarity of this invitation was stressful enough to conjure an image of a 1950s movie, with a company president yelling down to the manager who in turn yells down to the line worker: “Smithers! Report to the top floor at once!”

Red-Hot Project? Take a Breath and Review the Basics

From time to time, hot, quick-turn projects come in. A client needs us to create something for them right away — preferably sooner. Many times, I’ve seen CMD deliver exceptional work under time frames and conditions I didn’t think possible. This was often feasible only because of the heroic efforts of key individuals to get it to the finish line.

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