Seagate and CMD
Free Hungry Minds

Seagate, a leader in data storage and management solutions, wanted to create a global holiday campaign that showcased the power and versatility of its 14 TB Guardian hard drive series. CMD crafted a plan that celebrated the drives’ ability to give creative pros and gamers the ultimate holiday gift: space. Space to explore, experiment, and be entertained. CMD drew on digital, video, and paid media to tell the story, developing eye-catching Guardian animal avatars like the IronWolf and FireCuda to underscore the series’ ability to serve all kinds of creative enterprises.


  • Audience insights and targeting
  • Messaging strategy


  • Asset creation
  • Campaign development
  • Content development
  • Creative strategy
  • Digital design
  • Messaging strategy and copywriting
  • Video and animation


  • Web development


  • Paid and social media strategy
  • Paid search
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