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Fastly goes fast. Whether they’re using their edge cloud computing power for infrastructure load balancing or content delivery networks, two goals remain the same—speed and next-level user experience. When they finalized their partnership with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 team, it was the perfect marriage of brands that embody industry-leading pace, security, and innovation.

It’s those ideals that Fastly wanted to personify while developing a campaign targeted at the key tech decision-makers of potential clients. We not only helped define their strategic approach for this campaign, but we also reworked their brand messaging and creative look and feel to more effectively cater to their audience through digital content.

Launching the Partnership

You can’t go fast without a spark

Fastly and Mercedes Formula 1 focus on so much more than speed as their primary objective. So we used Fastly’s mantra of “Fast. Secure. Leading Edge.” to announce their partnership to the world. Using LinkedIn as the primary social spark, we drove potential audience members to a web page that outlined each brand’s goals for the partnership. Complete with quotes from MF’s team lead and Netflix star Toto Wolff, the page details the future of the Formula 1 fan experience they intend to create together.

Brand Positioning

Keep the momentum

Moving from the launch messaging of announcing the partnership, we crafted the next step of Fastly and Mercedes F1’s messaging. We bridged the gap and tied a direct line from Mercedes’ goals for their fan experience and Fastly’s ability to enhance their clients’ potential.

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