Banner Bank’s customer-focused approach is legit: The bank has been intuiting needs, listening and advising, and collaborating to solve problems for more than 130 years. It’s been the strategic foundation for Banner’s success in business banking and consumer/retail banking since they started. Banner also believes in making original, multichannel advertising campaigns that reflects a true understanding of their audience and helps the bank stand out from the crowd.

Recently, Banner identified a strategic goal of increasing its business banking client portfolio. We partnered on a multichannel campaign called “Making Time,” which speaks directly, authentically, and succinctly to business owners and reflects Banner’s understanding and appreciation for their goals, motivations, and dedication to achieving success.

Campaign Development

  • Art direction
  • Creative strategy
  • Ideation and production
  • Writing and editorial

Media & Activation

  • Media research
  • Paid media, traditional and digital/mobile
  • Planning, buying, reporting, and optimization

Strategic Planning

  • Audience insights
  • Integrated campaign planning

Authentic storytelling

Know your audience, and show them that you know them

Banner has always been a problem solver and champion for its commercial, small, and micro business clients. In such a relationship-based service, trust and connection are crucial factors for business owners when choosing a banking partner. With this campaign’s emotionally honest and insightful messaging, original and authentic photography, and targeted placements throughout the West Coast, potential business banking clients can immediately see that Banner’s bankers “get them.”

Measurable engagement

Strategic media placement drives growth

Targeted print and hyperdigital placements continue to create measurable engagement and impact for the commercial and small to micro business decision-makers. Contextually targeted print ads in business journals reach highly qualified and relevant audiences, and programmatic native and display banners are a cost-efficient media tactic to leverage audience behaviors, contextual relevancy, and in-market signals—helping Banner reach business decision-makers across numerous sites.

Strategic creative expansion

Fine-tuning a B2B concept to attract a B2C audience

Banner is also committed to growing and nurturing retail banking customers. CMD has for many years collaborated with the bank on creative campaigns that market home loans to a diverse array of potential borrowers. For the most recent home loan campaign, we leveraged the theme, spirit, and design of the business-focused “Making Time” creative. By “family-ing” the B2B and B2C advertising, we expanded the overall impact and realized production efficiencies that helped bring the ads to market faster.

Brand building

Boosting a great brand by building real relationships

Thanks in large part to its customer-focused philosophy, Banner Bank has grown from a small local bank to one of the largest regional banks on the West Coast. As Banner’s creative partner and brand champion since 2014, CMD has helped move the brand forward and expand its reach while maintaining the community bank roots people cherish.

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