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When you’re a global semiconductor manufacturer, PhD-level expertise is everywhere. But researchers and engineers aren’t always the best at organizing massive websites, visualizing complex concepts, and getting to the point in ways that fast-moving readers with varying knowledge levels can understand.

CMD built a content dream team of writers, designers, and strategists to distill all that inside knowledge into technically accurate, highly informative, and easily accessible articles, eBooks, and landing pages across practically every topic, industry, and technology in the modern economy.

And we did it in a framework that can scale.


Content strategy & creation goals

  • Drive organic traffic with top-tier content on technical topics
  • Expertly address practically any topic in which a CPU plays a role
  • Attract audiences across internal business units and external industries
  • Speak to a range of disciplines, knowledge levels, and global regions
  • Draw people into deeper engagement and capture leads

Campaign Development

  • Creative strategy
  • Writing and editorial

Content Creation

  • Content audits and mapping

Strategic Planning

  • Audience insights
  • Brand positioning


What great content can do

25x more visits
CMD-authored content received 25x more visits than the site average in the first six months.

3 million organic visitors in 6 months
CMD-authored content attracted three million organic entrances in the first six months.

400 interviews and counting
We’re constantly interviewing subject matter experts to create new content and build our knowledge base.

250 web experiences
Solution overview pages, ROI calculators, in-depth articles, videos—we produce every component needed to attract, capture, and nurture leads.

Assembling a creative team for technical content

Creating accurate, engaging content about technical topics takes writers and designers who are experts in their profession and versed in a multitude of demanding topics. CMD has an in-house team of senior-level technology writers and continuously auditions freelance writers and designers to maintain a deep talent bench.


Specialized content demands special talent

  • Tech-savvy designers, illustrators, animators, and video editors
  • Senior technology writers with 13 to 20 years’ average experience
  • Managing editors steeped in the client’s voice and technical topics
  • Dedicated copyediting and proofing team

Embracing editorial structure without sliding into formula

Almost any skilled writer can deliver a high-quality article on a complex topic. Once. But can they do it twice? Can they teach a team of writers to hit the mark consistently 10, 20, or 30 times a month?

We built a highly structured foundation—for articles, work processes, metadata—so that we can maintain and improve quality as our publishing volume increases.

However, we don’t let structure—or scale—limit our creativity and quality. We use structure the way a poet uses the 17 syllables of a haiku. We stick to the form and apply maximum ingenuity and skill.


Our editorial approach ensures consistent quality

  • Documented content development process, templates, and quality checklists
  • Consistent, professional interview format for subject matter experts
  • Client-specific knowledge bases, style guides, and lexicons
  • Standardized writer onboarding process
  • Peer review process backed by senior editors

Keeping content publishing—and budgets—on track and constantly improving

From the outset, we have worked very closely with the client’s content strategy, customer experience, and marketing teams to create a lean, efficient publishing practice that makes the most out of their investment. CMD account and project management teams host regular check-ins and actively search the horizon for roadblocks and issues so that we can manage them in stride.

To ensure constant improvement in content quality and publishing processes, we debrief, identify issues, and tune operations as we go. At the end of each quarter, we pause and review performance—including our clients’ performance—across all our projects.

It’s never about assigning blame or scoring points. It’s about seeing our mistakes for what they are and refining our methods, so we don’t repeat errors.

Ongoing results—stronger content, more engagement, better processes

Our technical publishing practice continues to grow in scale, expertise, and professionalism. Our impact on our client’s web presence and organic traffic is proof of our success.

Essential content that was practically invisible now ranks on page one of search results. Dense presentations are now audience specific, easy to consume, and optimized for SEO.

In all, we’ve reimagined and redesigned more than 250 pages of content and delivered hundreds of eBooks, briefs, white papers, and videos. With each one, we—and our client partners—have gotten smarter, more effective, and more efficient.

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