Thanks in large part to its client-focused philosophy, Banner Bank has grown from a small local bank to one of the largest regional banks on the West Coast. But competition for new customers is fierce. To grow new personal banking accounts and make a real impact on the bank’s bottom line, our goal was clear: increase engagement with a provocative and long-living campaign that was still rooted in the brand’s values.

The strategy and planning were spot on, and the creative is crushing it. Less than a month after we launched the first phase of Built for Banking, Banner Bank achieved significant increases in six key performance metrics measured year over year, including an 8.5 percent boost in organic traffic, a 2.2 percent rise in online banking sign-up, and nearly 2 percent uptick in accounts created.

Outstanding Results Right Away

Within the first month of the campaign, Banner Bank achieved significant increases in six key performance metrics measured year over year.

increase in sessions

increase in online banking sign-up

increase in organic traffic

increase in created accounts

increase in sessions driven by display ads

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Authentic Storytelling

Real Excitement Rooted in Brand Truths

Banking can be difficult, complex, a little dry. But for some people, it’s the perfect fit. Because banking is what they were made to do—and they’re doing it every day at Banner Bank to help customers. In Built for Banking, we’ve shined a spotlight on Banner’s superpower abilities with an upbeat, attention-capturing homage to popular 1980s TV cartoons. The design, original music, and comic timing purposefully resonate with the younger target audiences Banner Bank seeks. But the storytelling goes deeper than that. It’s rooted in the truth that Banner’s team is uniquely capable and inherently committed to giving customers the great service, tools, and support they need to succeed.

Strategic Media

Extending the Reach without Breaking the Bank

Banner Bank has more than 200 locations across four states. To reach millions of prospective customers, we crafted a diverse media plan that includes digital, print, paid social, out of home, and over the top. And more importantly, we developed creative with this in mind, ensuring that our storytelling is substantively optimized for each channel while also maintaining consistency at every touchpoint.

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