Artwork for Deschutes Brewery’s launch of Da Shootz! beer.

Deschutes Brewery Getting New-To-Craft Drinkers to Pay Attention

Long a craft brew favorite in the PNW, Deschutes Brewery was launching a new pilsner that was meant for an audience that didn’t usually go for craft beers. This new pilsner, Da Shootz!, needed to stand out in an unforgiving category in which taste isn’t a differentiator and the beer + activity = fun is a well-worn trope. They took the leap with us into unknown territory and introduced their brand to millions of new-to-craft beer drinkers.


  • Market analysis
  • Audience insights


  • Campaign development
  • Product launch
  • Video and animation
  • Messaging
  • Merchandise design


  • Paid search
  • Web development

Content + Media

  • Social strategy
  • Organic and paid social
  • PR – Media kits and outreach
  • Out of home, digital advertising


What we’ve accomplished (so far)

2.2 million
Since March, the paid social campaign has already reached 2.2 million new-to-craft drinkers.

Reach of 1 million—a 130% increase just via organic social.

24.5 million
Social and media kits: achieved combined 24.5 million earned media impressions.

10 million
Over 10 million impressions from the out-of-home campaign.

Audience Insights and Strategy

All In on New-to-Craft Drinkers

In our examination of new-to-craft drinkers ages 21 to 30, it was clear that consumer values regarding beer drinking are shifting. Label reading is on the rise, sober experiences are becoming more mainstream, and consumers are prioritizing moderation, relaxation, and control. Our audience is also fun loving, optimistic, and innovative. That’s why we made Da Shootz! the beer that is made for doing. But people are tired of the same old beer-meets-activity story. In order to stand out, we had to do something completely different and unique to really make them pay attention.

Deschutes Brewery ad featuring a muscular parrot pairing Da Shootz! pilsner with croquet.

Creative Campaign

Pairing Personal Passion with the Product

We created a campaign with a simple, clear message that’s delivered with an off-kilter hook that subverted the category norms. Our Pair It with Fun campaign created instant relevance for Da Shootz! with custom creative executions for all kinds of activities that authentically reflected our audience's lifestyle. The anchor of the campaign, the Pairit Parrot, was a brick-to-forehead delivery vehicle that stood out visually and brought a silly and irreverent voice to the campaign to prove that fun is in the product’s DNA.

Public Relations

Customized Outreach

We identified top-tier media people (local and national) who could be effective in amplifying our lifestyle-centric message and sent them each a customized Pair It with Fun kit. We did a bit of research about each writer and built a custom kit that pairs Da Shootz! with something they personally love.

The kits centered around a customized video experience that mashed up a celebration of the writer’s passion point with the Pairit Parrot telling the story of Da Shootz!. A bevvy of swag, including coasters, koozies, frisbees, dog toys, and an exclusive Parit Parrot LEGO set accompanied the video. And of course, we threw in some Da Shootz! for them to try.

Campaign image suggesting Da Shootz! beer paired with engineering toys. For Deschutes Brewery.
“Pair it with fun” packaging for Deschutes Brewery's Da Shootz! beer.

Out of Home Advertising

The Pairit Parrot Takes Off

We took the Pair It with Fun message and customized ethos to the streets of Portland and Seattle with eye-catching outdoor ads that celebrated the specific locations and nearby relevant events and activities (e.g., concerts, festivals, hiking).

“Pair it with Street Art” mural in Seattle for Deschutes Brewery’s Da Shootz! beer.
Mural in-progress in Seattle for Deschutes Brewery’s Da Shootz! beer.
“The Talk of the Bell Town” billboard for Deschutes Brewery’s Da Shootz! beer.
“Foodies and Beeries Rejoice” mural for Deschutes Brewery’s Da Shootz! beer.

Paid and Organic Social Advertising

The Right Pairing and the Right Time

Using extreme interest and demographic targeting, we created a series of fun, impactful videos and static images in which the Pairit Parrot pairs fun things with Da Shootz! We didn’t just send the videos into the paid-o-sphere, we also put some of our favorite “Pair It with Fun” videos on our own social channels. We also created a series of fun Da Shootz! GIF stickers that people can post on their own IG Stories. The paid social campaign has already reached 2.2 million new-to-craft drinkers, with an organic social reach of 1 million—a 130% increase. Moreover, we’ve achieved 24.5 million earned media impressions, and counting.

Animated image for Deschutes Brewery’s Da Shootz! beer.
Animated image of tropical plants for Deschutes Brewery’s Da Shootz! beer.
Animated image for Deschutes Brewery’s Da Shootz! beer.
Animated image featuring the Pairit Parrot for Deschutes Brewery’s Da Shootz! beer.

Paid Search Advertising

Unlikely Pairings. Targeted Results.

We developed a unique strategy that played off unlikely pairings and caught our target audience in surprising ways. For example, a search for hiking boots would serve an ad about Da Shootz! pairing perfectly with a hiking adventure: “Pair it with backcountry.”

This strategy was paired with dynamic landing pages that used the data from search queries to create custom content directly related to the keyword. For instance, if a user clicks on our “Pairs with Thrifting” ad, the UTM data will attach a custom URL that directs to a landing page directed at lovers of vintage.

Marketing landing page for Deschutes Brewery’s Da Shootz! beer.

Campaign Guidelines

On Tap and on Brand

To keep the Pairit Parrot brand flying high, we developed a comprehensive set of brand guidelines for Deschutes and their distributors. These guidelines explained and defined the brand tone and voice, as well as colors, typography, photography style, and, for probably the first time in history, rules about parrot poses. These guidelines became a valuable internal resource and helped maintain consistency across multiple media placements.

Pairit campaign guidelines for Deschutes Brewery's Da Shootz! beer
Pairit campaign guidelines for Deschutes Brewery's Da Shootz! beer
Pairit campaign guidelines for Deschutes Brewery's Da Shootz! beer