Whether for good or bad, technology is one of the most powerful forces shaping our world. We all experience it daily, and if industry analysts are on track — and they agree 100% on this — the pervasiveness of digital is set to dramatically increase in our homes, cars, offices, medical clinics, groceries, and pretty much everywhere else we work and play. Artificial intelligence has the potential to be as radical a disruption as the rise of personal computing and the internet combined.

So, what does this have to do with a marketing agency?

High-tech marketing and communications is a daily practice at CMD. Our technology team brings deep and broad expertise across the ecosystem. We have worked with engineers on DOE supercomputers; software companies on the leading edge of analytics, deep learning and artificial intelligence; enterprises in virtually every industry and market segment; innovators shaping each facet of IoT; and solution providers enabling digital transformation via SaaS, SDN and cloud.

Here are a few of the things we’ve learned:

Tech value add goes deep and wide. Clients have their areas of expertise. When we can draw on our wide exposure to draw connections between disciplines — AI and IoT, healthcare providers, emergency responders and scientists, smart cities and the energy sector — we can speak to end customers faced with a myriad of overlapping challenges in our unsiloed and very real world.

A big portfolio of solutions needs a bridge. Sometimes the smarter and more comprehensive the offering, the harder it is for end customers to get their heads around it. When we find clear ways to present and navigate the full suite of a company’s products, the big picture is powerful. When that’s combined with a detailed understanding of the specific components, the small picture is convincing.

Tech is for humans. Silicon Valley is questioning the results of tech. When we can connect the why to the how, the business outcome to the chips and code and the tech deployment to the strategic plan, we also connect to the intrinsic passion to do something not only smart, but good.

Our clients over the years have included HP, Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, IBM, Red Hat, Novell, SAP, SAS, Wind River, Tektronix, and VMware, as well as hardware, software, and service providers worldwide. Our campaigns have reached marketing-averse IT decision-makers, developers, and engineers, as well as the C-suite, press, and analysts. And we are driven to connect the various audiences with what they value most.

Technology requires constant adaptation, curiosity, strategy and a unique mix of skills, from creative to supergeek. We have the people who cross this divide, fit this niche and love it. In short, we dive deep into the technical details of our clients’ industries and strive to understand their businesses almost as well as they do.

Think of it as creative grounded in substance, and substance that elicits both left- and right-brain response. For us, working with our brilliant technology clients and inventors is the gateway to some pretty fascinating conversations and an ever-evolving eye on the pulse of our changing techno-existence. We’ve learned a lot from technology about resilience, innovation, agility and, perhaps most of all, adaptability. We’re here to humanize the technology message and pay it forward.

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