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5 Key Strategies to Making Good Content Great

Standing out in a sea of content is the charge—and challenge—for B2B writers in today’s digital business environment. Writing well isn’t enough, nor is an outcome of purchase transactions. Instead, measuring great writing means delivering value to readers who, ultimately, act to extend their relationship with your brand.

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Marketing During Crisis: Pivot to Content

Welcome to the new normal. The novel coronavirus has turned our world upside down. We are all in crisis mode. At our homes, in our communities, and at work, it seems like everything is changing daily.

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New Research: What Clients Expect from Agencies

At CMD, we learn a lot when we listen to the various target audiences of our clients, so we decided to use that philosophy to better understand our clients’ mindsets. We partnered with Riley Research to hear from Portland-area marketers about their challenges, and how they are utilizing agencies, to ensure we can be the best agency partner — one that can help marketers rest a bit easier.

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Red-Hot Project? Take a Breath and Review the Basics

From time to time, hot, quick-turn projects come in. A client needs us to create something for them right away — preferably sooner. Many times, I’ve seen CMD deliver exceptional work under time frames and conditions I didn’t think possible. This was often feasible only because of the heroic efforts of key individuals to get it to the finish line.

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No Risk, No Reward: Brands That Take a Stand

When was the last time you bought a product because you agreed with that company’s stance on a political or social issue? If this is normal purchasing behavior for you, you’re in the majority. In fact, a new study says that 88% of surveyed consumers are more likely to be loyal to companies that support social or environmental issues aligned with their own beliefs, and 66% said they’d pay more for a product from a socially responsible company.

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