Ninja at press conference podium

Streamers Switch Sides Big Names Making a Big Splash

Ninja and Shroud are two of the biggest streamers in the world. So, leaving Twitch and coming to Mixer was bigger than a big deal. We were tapped with creating the videos that would not only serve as their announcements, but also inspire and excite their core audiences. It wasn’t as simple as it sounds. Ninja was first, and the news was top secret and business crucial. We worked in a small team using code names, sequestered our editor, and kept everything hidden not just from the world but from almost all of our own agency. On a tight timeline, under cover of night, we concepted, wrote, filmed, edited, and launched the film that would break the internet (kinda). And then we did it again.


  • Video and animation
  • Video production

Content + Media

  • Influencer strategy and management
  • Public relations

Initial Results

Almost Broke the Internet

14 Million
views in 24 hours

No. 1 Downlaod
Mixer became the No. 1 downloaded app on the App Store

No. 2 Trending
video on YouTube

No. 1 Google Search
Mixer ranked No. 1 in Google searched topics

Building Excitement on Social

Not Just a Tease

We created a teaser for Ninja to post the day before his announcement, generating a ton of hype, excitement, and speculation for what was to come. At this point, the actual content of the announcement was still top secret. We ensured people would tune in the next day while keeping a close eye on the social media buzz to see if anyone guessed what was up. The internet started buzzing and, best of all, nobody knew what was about to happen.

Sharing the Big News

A Mic Drop to End All Mic Drops

The day after the teaser, Ninja shared the announcement video on his social channels. We turned the PR announcement trope on its head by casting Ninja in every speaking role, letting him bring the wacky comedy he’s known and loved for. The media and his audience gobbled it up to the tune of over 10 million views in the first 24 hours. Every major news outlet picked up the news and many shared our video along with their articles. Mixer became the No. 1 downloaded app in the Apple app store and the No. 1 trending topic on Google. The video was the No. 2 trending video on YouTube and Mixer got hundreds of thousands of new subscribers. The secret was out, the news was big, and according to the internet, our video had done it justice. Mic. Dropped.

Screen shots of social media and press attention
Screen shots of social media and press attention
Screen shot of Ninja’s Twitter announcement

Shroud Makes Moves

Doing It All Over Again

After the huge success of the Ninja announcement video, we were tapped with doing the same for Shroud. Same goal, same expectations, tighter timeline. Our biggest challenge (besides pulling it off in 9 days) was how to find the balance between Mixer’s offbeat quirkiness and Shroud’s certified first-person-shooter badassery. Thanks to some great neon lighting design and Shroud’s wonderful—and funny—girlfriend, we were able to make it happen. He and his audience loved it, but, more importantly, we made sure the world knew that Ninja coming to Mixer wasn’t just a one-off. Big names are making moves and they’re here to stay.