Senior Strategist

As our senior strategist you’ll play a lead role in developing and presenting marketing communications strategy driven by research-based insights for our clients and new business prospects. This role specifically focuses on B2C brands at the intersection of innovation, culture and community.

The ideal candidate is passionate about understanding people and informing great campaigns, loves working with clients and cross-discipline teams, and is excited to educate everyone about the ever-changing landscape of B2C. Their purpose is to develop a strategic Point of View and drive understanding of where to find the ‘white space’ for a client or product—they do this by drawing from primary and secondary research, trend analysis, and their own deep understanding of what’s effective in causing attitudinal and behavioral change. Their comprehensive understanding of the client’s business and industry landscape leads to great work and results. With expertise in a variety of consumer industries including technology, finance, and F&B, they wow clients and industry partners. They help internal account and creative teams focus on how best to deliver business impact for the client.

Success in this position is evaluated on the quality of the strategic recommendations, how well clients are persuaded to approve the agency’s recommendations, and the ability to provide a strategic vision to internal teams to inform innovative and quality work.

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