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23 Feb

New Facebook Pages Mean New Opportunities for Content Strategy and Communication with Fans

The more Facebook changes . . . the more it, well . . . changes. This month Facebook set its sights on pages to bring their look more in line with the new user profile. The addition of iframes to custom tabs made our developers giddy. Our content strategists’ eyes lit up when they realized that the band of pictures on the top meant more dynamic content to curate and manage. Here’s a roundup of this month’s changes, and tips to continue integrating Facebook’s marketing into digital strategies.

New page, new possibilities

A few ways Facebook’s changes have improved the brand and user experience:

  • Custom tabs with iframes allow brands to streamline content and pass data directly to a hosting or analytics service. This is a big one, I’ll explain later.
  • Admins can set and receive alerts based on fan activity and engagement.
  • Brand page layouts are now similar to personal pages—five photos on the top and tabs on the left.
  • Both fans and administrators have new filters for the wall that help prioritize wall content.
  • Admins can now represent their page when interacting with other pages.

Which Facebook changes will have the biggest impact on marketers?

  1. iframes, additional analytics and opportunities to serve up highly interactive content make custom tabs even hotter. With iframes, marketers can deliver more target—based on the user’s location and referral source—and more engaging content than ever before. Add Google Analytics to any tab for a deeper understanding of how users are interacting with its content.
  2. The ability to comment or like other pages as your brand page leads to a larger potential audience. As part of your Facebook strategy, consider creating a program of interaction, where you post with your page identity to related pages and groups as a member of the community. By contributing positively, you’re likely to draw potential fans back to your page.

Bonus Facebook Tips!

  • Not all likes are created equal. Just because someone likes you doesn’t mean they’ll consistently see your updates and posts. Facebook uses a complex algorithm to display posts on news feeds. Ongoing engagement with followers is critical to get value from your likes.
  • Facebook ads are easy to manage, and with careful messaging and targeting can be very effective at drawing people to your page or your website.
  • Post questions, activities and cool content. Try to put some type of link in your wall posts. The more interaction the fan has with your posts, the better.
  • Facebook likes are now crawled by Bing. Your search results are likely to be influenced by what people are saying about you on Facebook. Here’s a peek at CMD on Bing:

How are some of your favorite brands using the new Facebook page design? What innovative ways are you using it? Tell us in comments.

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One Comment

  1. avatar Brian says:

    At first we found flaws in the way tabs were handled on the new Facebook layout – but I think a few kinks have been worked out. I love the iframes though because the FBML was driving me crazy. Now we can use our facebook apps and just run a good campaign that did not need to be dumbed down for my lack of FBML – I am much better with PHP.

    BTW – Great Article. My buddy Elliot showed me your site and I really like the blog. Great insight and helpful to community at-large.

    Thanks again Kevin.

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